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Body, brows & lashes

“Lycotec- the best soft depilatory white wax, designed to glide smoothly onto your skin with no resistance, making it perfect for sensitive skin and intimate areas. Expect clean fresh sheets upon every visit, as well as natural tea tree oil or pure organic Aloe Vera to soothe and condition your skin. With my tinting treatments, I can tailor every colour from light brown to a striking blue-black to enhance your brows & lashes – perfect for fine eyebrows needing volume or thickness. Enjoy a scalp or hand massage during your eyelashes tint.”


Facial Waxing

Eyebrow:        $14

Chin:              $10

Lip:                 $7

Body Waxing

Under arm:                       $13

Arms – half:                       $18

Arms – full:                        $28

Legs – lower leg:                $18

Legs – upper leg:                $22

Legs – three quarter:           $26

Legs – full:                         $35

Bikini:                               $15

Extended Bikini:                 $20

Brazilian:                           $50

Men’s Waxing
(add 15% to the above pricing)

Back:        $25

Chest:       $30


Eyelash Tint
(includes scalp massage or hand):        $15

Eyebrow Tint:                                    $10

Beautilecious waxing & tinting package

Eyebrow wax + tint & eyelash tint:        $32


Lash lift
(includes scalp or hand massage):                          $45

Lash lift and paraffin hand treatment package:         $55

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